About me

I live and breathe words. I’ve specialised in words for my whole career, which started in music journalism and gradually morphed into corporate communications, business writing, specialised editing and annual reporting. I am known as tenacious, focused, creative and extremely patient!

I’ve worked at a senior level in government departments’ strategic communications, media or public affairs units and for small to medium business. I’ve operated my freelance writing and editing business since the mid-1990s, penned numerous articles in magazines, journals and online, and specialised in writing tender and award submissions for an innovative national health and employment company.

And, surprise – in my spare time I write too! My gift book about motherhood, Being Mummy, reached the best seller list when it was first published in 2007, and my website Parenting Express, featuring creative writing about parenting, has been thriving for more than a decade. I’ve also had many short stories published over the years. I’m currently crafting a work of literary fiction and one of memoirs/essays, and hope to see them in print one happy day soon.

You can view my Linked In profile here.