Let me help you

Say it once, say it in plain English

We want people to read our content. We want to communicate well. There are tricks and hallmarks to creating plain English, and I pride myself on knowing them inside out. Every day, I am continuously developing this skill for the benefit of my clients.

Plain English helps everyone understand your message. About half of all adults have a functional literacy level of age 12 or under, which is about year 8 level. People also experience a visual disability for many reasons, whether temporary or permanent. People read differently online compared with the printed page, and above all, people are busy!

Editing by design

Making content work is not just about deleting words and checking grammar. I consider tone, audience, key messages, flow and style as well as the nuts and bolts of spelling and getting the grammar right. I edit to word count, character count, page length or overall intent. These are helpful ways to consider the type of editing you have in mind:

Big picture editing deals with meaning, message, structure and tone.

Copy editing deals with plain English, appropriate language and messaging for impact.

Proof-reading deals with spelling, grammar and applying an organisation’s style guide or best practice communications/publishing style.

Writing for corporates, government or business

We all use the written word to communicate with customers, the public or stakeholders. I can help you hone and polish your content so that it’s easily read and understood by your intended audience.

I can help you prepare your complex documents, reports, strategies or business ideas into content for a graphic designer, the printed page or online in all its forms (websites and web pages, emails, blog posts). I’m an expert in Word formatting and have worked closely with designers (and in design studios) for years. Find out how I can help government clients here, and corporates here.


You might be after … an annual report (project managed or written from scratch or edited) … a brochure written from key points or loose ideas or your finished content to be finessed and checked for plain English … a website written to your brief, web pages edited for tone and style, or a QA process conducted for your draft website that you think is ready for the big wide world. Anything with words, I do – and I love nothing better than honing your words to make them fly.